Create Your Relationship Vision
And Get Your Love Back On Track

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The Relationship Roadmap
The Relationship Roadmap - couple in car looking at navigation equipment

Imagine knowing exactly what you need to have the happiest and most connected relationship with the man you love.. and having a map to show you how to get there


Feel those exhausting power struggles and draining misunderstandings disappear from your relationship and be replaced by conversations that connect, more fun and playfulness, and you two working together to create the relationship you thought you were going to have when you first met.

That’s totally possible for you. And how do I know?

Because those are real-life results that I, and other women like you, have experienced once they got in touch with what they really wanted and needed..  (which helped them to stop going along with his needs just to keep the peace, or fighting with him about what they weren’t getting or the ways he’s not been showing up).





The Relationship Roadmap


The Relationship Roadmap is an in-depth training covering everything you need to know to create a roadmap to the relationship you truly want with the man you love.

You’ll learn how to identify what your heart really yearns for, and how to get there.

But most importantly, you’ll learn how to move from seeing what’s not working for you, and start a journey into a new way of relating where your true needs and desires are held as important as his and can be met.

Here’s everything you’ll learn inside
The Relationship Roadmap..

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Why couples lose their joy of being together

The importance of a Relationship Roadmap and the role it plays in preventing conflict

The difference between a relationship roadmap and couples goals

How to design your Relationship Roadmap for the most effective results

1 of 10 images of happy heterosexual couples of varying ages, races, ethnicities, and abilities

Why working on your own Relationship Roadmap first can lead to a better shared Relationship Roadmap experience

A variety of different tools to get crystal clear on what the ‘you’ of this present moment wants in her relationship

Effective tools to stop you sabotaging the Relationship Roadmap you’re creating

Two tried and tested tools to give you a boost and lift your spirits at any time

How to prioritise your own conflicting needs

How to bring it all together into a Relationship Roadmap that’s ready for sharing with your partner

While this is a brand new training, here are what other women have shared with me about our work together using similar processes and tools that helped them get in touch with what they really wanted in their own relationship:

Working with you has taught me things I didn’t realise about myself, given me a deeper connection with myself and the tools to deal with difficult elements of my relationship.” – SG (uk)

“I have learned invaluable tools for how to be respectful to him and myself in the relationship. I didn’t realize how much work there was to do on myself as an individual, not just in the relationship.”  – NB (usa)


The Relationship Roadmap – a 60 (ish) minute comprehensive training teaching you how to create your own relationship vision to get your love back on the track you really want it to be on


This training will be released as a live session in 2024


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Me 👋 I’m Natalie Chalmers and I’m a compassionate change catalyst, utter relationship nerd, and a deeply sensitive, highly intuitive, neurodivergent woman, doing the conventional things (like my own 8+ year relationship) in unconventional ways.

I’ve used the approach, tools, and processes included in the Relationship Roadmap to help strong, driven, self-aware women create a connected and deeply fulfilling relationship with the man they love.

I’ve gathered up everything I know about getting in touch with your true needs and desires in your relationship, and included it in this in-depth training. Now you can create the most real, most effective relationship vision for your own relationship and be super prepared and grounded in that vision before beginning a shared process with the man you love.


Wisdom & Warmth


Compassion & Acceptance


Laughs, guaranteed 🤷‍♀️

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Your pass to The Relationship Roadmap includes:


✏️  Everything you need to know to create your own Relationship Roadmap
🙋🏼‍♀️  The opportunity to send your personalised questions in advance of the release of the training for me to cover in the training, if you buy during the pre-sale.
☎️  An invitation to a private Q&A session with me after the training where you can voice and text message me with your questions and thoughts and get personalised answers
💗  Lifetime access to the video recording and slides.
📄  Question worksheets to help you get clarity on your needs
📒  A beautifully designed digital planner to work through the questions and record your journey (I’ll include a printable version if you prefer old school handwritten notes)

Are you ready to feel purposeful, light and happy again?

Join the Relationship Roadmap and discover everything you need
to create a grounded and clear vision for your relationship
to guide you into a future you’ll love when you get there

The Relationship Roadmap is perfect for you if…

You’re tired of all the power struggles, bickering, and misunderstandings in your relationship and want to feel peace, partnership, and connection again

You want to get really clear on what the ‘you’ of right now wants and needs so that your voice, dreams, and needs can also be heard and cared for in your relationship

You’re experienced and have been in the personal development space for at least two years, but likely a lot longer and you’re comfortable with self-reflection practices

You’ve got the books, listened to the podcasts, and watched the lives, but you’ve been missing the essential first step of creating the relationship you really want

You’re ready to bring the real you, in your full power and radiance, into your relationship and be loved for who you really are

However, it might not be a great fit for you if…

You don’t like journaling, self reflection, or taking a long, deep look at what you might’ve been putting up with for the last few (or many) years and not noticed before. This work is deep. It’s supportive, but deep.

You’re looking for a way to change your partner without changing yourself and aren’t ready to take 100% responsibility for what you bring to the relationship (both the good and the destructive).

You’re ready for divorce and struggle to think of anything good about your partner and are not sure if you do still love him.

More kind words about my work..

“Working with you made me focus on my feelings versus the thought driven answers I would justify. It also helped me to be more honest and trust that by doing so would clear out things that aren’t right for me.” – EM (usa)

The biggest thing I was able to take away feels like the ability and the desire to be able to back myself, allowing me to process core issues rather than bandaid arguments left and right” – VN (usa)

Ready to create your roadmap to the
relationship you really want to have?

Join the Relationship Roadmap and discover everything you need
to get real about what you want and need and
start to enjoy your relationship again

The Relationship Roadmap - couple in car looking at navigation equipment


I'm single - will this still be good for me?

Yes, this course is ideal for single women as well as partnered women because it focuses on you creating your own Relationship Roadmap first before any thought of sharing it with a partner.. and that’s golden whatever your relationship status!

Is this training only for hetero/cis monogamous women?

My lived experience is of a hetero-ish/cis woman and I teach from that experience and that of the monogamous hetero/cis woman I work with, so the stories I tell and the language I use does reflect that perspective. However, the principles are universal and I am welcoming of people in all relationship models, of all sexual orientations, and gender identities. If you feel you’d resonate with the theme and are comfortable learning in a space centred on a hetero/cis woman and/or a monogamous relationship model experience, I’d love to have you join. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to chat about it before buying.

Do you discuss sex or self pleasure practices in this training?

Some questions for self reflection on these topics are included in this training as I think sex is an important part of a romantic relationship.

If you’re asexual or uncomfortable with any discussion of sex at all, it might not be the right training for you.

However, as the training will be pre-recorded, and not live, you can skip forward past any mention of sex and I will try and provide clear timestamps to help you do that.

Please do reach out and have a chat with me about this before you buy, if you’re at all concerned.

How long will this take?

The training is around the 60 minute mark.. give or take a bit. I wanted it to be short enough to be easily digestible and implementable, but long enough so that I can share everything I know on this subject without holding anything back.

The training has a very practical component and the questions will take some deep thought for you to create the most effective Relationship Roadmap for yourself. I also recommend journalling as part of the process (and a beautiful digital planner-style journal is included in the price of the Relationship Roadmap).

You could set aside 10 – 15 minutes a day for a week and I’d think that’d be enough for most people to complete their Relationship Roadmap, but you can take all the time you need.

Is there any extra support to help me implement this training?

The Day of Voxer for a full day of access to me for a private Q&A will be available with the pre-sale offer.

For general questions about the material in this training or for clarity on any aspect of the training, please use the chat box in the lower righthand corner of this webpage. I’m here to help.

If you need personalised support or have questions about the specific application of this trainng to your personal situation, you are welcome to book a 30 minute Ask me Anything session.

You can also arrange more personalised and intensive support from me. Please ask if this is something you’re interested in.


What format is the training in?

This is a self-study training and you can watch the material at your own pace. I’ll do my best to make the training as accessible as possible for a wide range of neurodivergences and other needs. To start with, it’ll be delivered as video and audio only, with written worksheets in English. I’ll add transcripts following the training as soon as I’m able to.

What is your refund policy?

I have a no refund policy once the training has been officially released. I do my very best to create a high quality product that will support you the best I can outside of my one-to-one coaching programmes.

And I spend a lot of time making sure that the sales page accurately reflects what you’ll be getting.

I encourage you to read the sales page thoroughly and message me if you have any questions before you buy.

When will you offer this training again?

The recording of the training, including the opportunity to submit your questions in advance and have a Day of Voxer private Q&A with me will be available during the pre-sale period. Please join the waitlist for news of the launch date.

I have a question you haven't answered on this page..

Please send me your questions using the chat box at the bottom righthand side of this page, or email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.