She’d Started To Doubt If Her Marriage Could Survive



The zoom session connected and my client’s face replaced the dark screen. She looked tired. Drawn. The colour was bleached out of her face and she looked sad and her body was hunched. She smiled at me with a smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes, and we began..

When she opened her eyes from our grounding and heart-connecting meditation, she began to share with the courage, commitment and vulnerability my clients lead with. She brushed away the tears that flowed as she shared stories from her past week with me. Her despair was apparent and she’d clearly begun doubting that her marriage could survive.


I could feel her starting point in my own body – the magic of a highly sensitive guide


I listened intently, to her words, and also to her body and her full body energy field, which was speaking even more clearly to me than her words. Using my highly sensitive empathy and intuition as guides to help her tune in to her own body and the feelings trapped there, we followed the thread from her current experiences, all the way inside to where a little girl waited for her.

As we dived deep together, reconnecting my client to her exiled feelings, welcoming them back in, holding space for the parts of her that were lost, alone, or desperately trying to control everything (and everyone) around her; I could feel the shifts beginning. We worked until we had done all that was needed for today and she quietly ‘returned to the room’.

From this newer, more integrated place, we talked about some of the things happening in her relationship, her parenting, and from her own childhood. We talked in more detail about the psychology behind some of the challenges she was facing, and looked at specific strategies and scripts to help her hold healthy boundaries and deal more gracefully with conflict.

Worlds turned, and yet only fifty minutes had passed!


Is there any more?


I gently asked her if there was anything else she wanted to talk about before we wrapped up the final ten minutes. She paused for a moment, looking up and away as she dropped in to check in with herself before answering. Inside, I silently cheered, seeing her implementing the new skill. She turned back to look at me, her eyes shining, cheeks flushed, voice strong and filled with energy, shoulders back, and her whole body buzzing with vitality and joy.

“No.. thanks. I think that’s all for today.” She beamed at me and I got that feeling I get each and every time I see this kind of profound transformation happening in so little time.. awe, joy, and a rush of indescribable compassion and deep warmth for the woman sitting in front of me.

I left her with a few reminders to help her integrate the work we’d just done, and some practices to dedicate some time to in the space in between sessions.

After the session, I sat for a few minutes as I usually do, slowly letting the energy of the session go, letting anything else that needs to be said float up to the surface of my consciousness to send in a follow-up email if necessary, and took a deep breath.


The ripples blow my mind


I love doing the work I do. Knowing that another woman is healing her hidden trauma and learning to relate in a whole new way.

The amazing ripples that will flow out into the world from her.. just incredible!

I wouldn’t swap it for anything in the world.

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