Are you ready to have a strong, powerful and passionate relationship again with the man you love?

I know that, if you’re reading this, you’re likely a strong, self-aware, independent woman and you’ve been working deeply on yourself – growing at every level and stepping into your power.

The truth is, you’ve got your life together in so many ways.

You’re likely even the person other people turn to for advice.

And while all that is true, you know that this empowered version of you isn’t showing up in your relationship with the man you love.

INSTEAD YOU often feel that..

👉   he doesn’t really hear you or deeply understand you, even though you know he loves you

👉   you find the worst version of ‘you’ showing up and the arguments quickly escalating, and you don’t seem able to access the tools that you know you have

👉   he’s a good guy, but you don’t connect in the emotionally deep way you wish you could, and that feels lonely at times and you feel guilty for wanting more

👉   you’re disappointed that all the change and growth in the relationship is driven by you and you wish that he would ‘step up’ and take the initiative more often to make changes without you prompting it

👉   trying to talk about your problems hasn’t worked because he’s so different than you and you end up feeling more frustrated

👉   secretly, you’re a little uninspired, in and out of the bedroom, and you’ve even wondered whether he’s really the right partner for you as you move into the future?

You want a new way of relating that’s wonderfully honest and intimate and allows the fullness of YOU to show up, so that you can experience the DEEPLY FULFILLING relationship you’ve always wanted

💖  One where you feel seen, heard, and cherished.

💖  One where you both work towards resolving your problems peacefully, as a team.

💖  Where you can easily ask for what you need, and know that your needs matter as much as your partner’s or your children’s.

💖  A relationship where you both treat each other as valued friends, passionate lovers, and happy, connected partners in life.

If that’s you, and you’re ready to make it happen, then we need to talk, because this is my speciality!

Grab a coffee and come and tell me all about it on this free 50 minute call, and together we’ll..

Take an honest and compassionate look at some of the dynamics in your relationship, and see them from a new, and even optimistic, angle with my help as an experienced ‘relationship detective’.

Uncover some of the gaps you might have in relational skills that are blocking deeper connection and happiness in your relationship right now (they’re usually cleverly tucked away in your blindspot)

Leave you feeling truly seen, heard, and understood, and with a heartfelt vision of what’s possible and knowing that you’re no longer on your own in creating it

To get started, apply for a Romance Reignited call. You’ll spend some time with me in a confidential, judgement-free and held space, sharing what’s in your heart, getting really clear on what the real issues are, talk about the challenges you’re facing, and find out what’s needed to have the relationship you really want.


Simply book in a time that suits you and I’ll be in touch with you as soon as I’ve gone through your application.


These calls are perfect for you if.. 


You and your partner are in an emotionally committed relationship (and no longer in the ‘honeymoon period’ that usually lasts for the first 6 – 18 months)

You’re experienced when it comes to personal development work and have been in the personal development space for at least two years, but likely a lot longer

You’ve used meditation and/or other tools and practices to consciously work with your emotions, thoughts, and energy

And you’re ready to commit to being Who You Really Are, in your full power and radiance, in your relationship


(NB. These calls are for people who have not already had an experience of working with me. If you have, and want to talk about doing further work together, book a chat here)

“Working with you has given me so many insights about myself, my husband and our relationship and has helped me to approach all three with a renewed sense of optimism and compassion and a feeling of excitement that our journey together has not come to an end but is simply in a state of renewal and transformation. I feel so reassured and supported.”


“I trust your heart centred understandings of the dynamics of intimate relationships very highly. I know that you hear both my own point of view, but also sense into my partner’s experience and needs as well. This means that our work together brings my partner and I closer together as you help me unlock the fears in me that have got me stuck.”


“My relationship is so much better than before I started working with Natalie. We are less explosive towards each other, and I am gentler to my husband and myself. I can’t even put into words the amount of transformation that Natalie was able to help lead me through. If you’re looking for an intuitive coach who can help you move from where you are to where you want to go, then Natalie is for you! She is truly a master at what she does!”

If we haven’t met yet.. hi! I’m Natalie Chalmers, Compassionate Change Catalyst, utter Relationship Nerd, and a Highly Sensitive Intuitive, doing the conventional things in Unconventional Ways.

It’s my passion to help smart, independent, self aware women like us experience a deeply connected and fulfilling relationship with the man they love (even if he’s not into coaching, therapy or self development himself).

Mastering the dance of “Me” and “We” in a way that feels held, magical.. and even fun!

This session is an opportunity for you to take the time and space to connect more deeply with who you really are, the potential in your love relationship that you might have forgotten that you fell in love with once, and your innate capability to create it again, but better, deeper and richer.  


* Warmth, acceptance, and laughs guaranteed.