Want to know what’s happening in my world right now?

It’s Spring!

[Not that it feels too Spring-like in the UK so far]

This year’s got off to a slow start for me. I’ve really been feeling the dark even though I take a whole whack of Vitamin D3 to help. And the wet, windy weather’s not been super inspiring, so I’ve added in a lot more self care.. time with my kids, art and monthly massages!

The plus side of that is that I’ve had time to think about a few new products in my business, and to start creating the deeper connection I want with you. I hope you’ve joined the Connected Couple Club? I’d love you to be there too (and please make it a two-way conversation 😍).

Of course, it was also the month of love and romance (for some, some of the time, including us). Jol took the day off work and we had a really fun, playful, amazing time with an incredible meal to end it all on.

Other things going on..

Working On..

Well, this website! (Yes, still 😂 ) I’m just doing a little extra each week so I can keep enjoying the process while making sure you have everything you need. I have such a backlog of blog ideas!!! I’ll be letting everyone know through email when I manage to get them out of my head and onto the page. If you have requests, email me or slide into my DMs!

A lot of my energy’s been going into setting up the Connected Couple Club, writing the emails, and thinking up wonderful things to share with you.

Also making sure my self care increased enough to keep my cup as filled as I counsel you to keep yours!!


I’m going to keep WILL by Will Smith and Mark Manson in here for a bit because there were so many relationship lessons to be learned in this book. 🤦‍♀️ I was inspired, disappointed, in awe, frustrated and entertained every step of the way. If you read the book and relate to Jada, drop me a line and tell me! 


Right now I’m ob-sssessssed with Criminal Minds on Disney+. Could forensic profiling be my missed career opportunity?! Nah! I’m 100% sure I prefer using similar skills as a ‘relationship detective’ than chasing serial killers and other twisted criminals. But those sexy brains of theirs 🔥 So smart! So sexy!! Warning – it does have even more graphic violence and very dark themes than the show I shared in my previous update!!!

This page was last updated on 24 February 2022. Inspired by some of my favourite business mentors and great all round humans, Jason and Caroline Zook and their inspiration, Derek Sivers.